Alpha Trading Hub

Complaints Handling Procedure

Complaints Handling Procedure

ALPHA TRADING HUB (hereinafter referred to “We” or the “Company”) maintains an internal complaint process which aims in effective resolution of any matters that may arise with clients during the business relationship with us.

1. Submitting a Complaint

Before submitting an official complaint, you should first consult with a member of our support team or send an email to If you are not happy with the response and explanation that you received from our support team, you must complete our online complaints form and send it to director@

The Company will not accept your complaint via any other means/channels. If you cannot comply with this, please contact us on the contact details form found on our website.

2. Company’s Responsibilities

We will acknowledge your complaint as soon as we receive it.

In order to ensure that your request is processed as efficiently as possible, please provide us with any supporting documents (i.e. emails, chats, statements etc.) as soon as possible.

3. Handling the Complaint

Once we receive your complaint, we will investigate it in due time so that we can make a final decision. We will contact you should we need more information.

We will inform you of our final decision within a reasonable timeframe once our investigation is completed.Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!